Are You a “Fire, Ready, Aim” Entrepreneur?

It never ceases to amaze me how ill-prepared people can be. Whether it’s an illness, finances, or a family matter, people so rarely spend time preparing for the pitfalls in life. Of course, no one wants to spend their life worrying about going bankrupt, getting divorced or sued, or dying. Nevertheless, plans should be made […]

The Value Of Disruptable Thinking

In today’s ever-changing world, businesses are constantly dealing with disruptions. That’s why being adaptable to change is key to growth and longevity.  Just look at recent years as evidence: a great recession, a pandemic, and a few wars to boot. To keep going as a business, at times, has meant adapting in drastic ways. Add […]

The Best Investment—You

If you were to ask someone like Bill Gates how he became so successful, chances are he wouldn’t tell you he’s worth $130 billion because he spent years putting his money in his 401(k). His net worth comes from years of investing in his business and business deals.  Still, there’s one investment that should take […]

Four Principles For Building Wealth

Entrepreneurs who know what it means to be investors in their business understand the power of economies and the efficiencies of scale when it comes to building wealth. They understand the power of expansion, replication, and recurring revenue; they know that it’s about putting their efforts into the best opportunities and that keeping the money […]

What Is The Entrepreneurial Mindset?

With an entrepreneurial mindset, you can create a true business, reap financial benefits, and see your money and the quality of your life grow in positive directions. But just what exactly is an entrepreneurial mindset? An entrepreneurial mindset is uncommon or extraordinary thinking, it’s thinking differently, it’s asking the big questions and thinking bigger. That’s […]

Begin With The End In Mind

Whether you’re an aspiring, budding, or current entrepreneur, there’s a reason you get out of bed every day. Maybe, for you, it’s money. Maybe you’re simply working to retire, to get out of your job as soon as possible. Or maybe it’s something more. Maybe the reason to get moving every day is that you’re […]

Always Say… (The Business Owners Mindset)

I’m going to tell you something I’ve only shared with a few people: when I first started out in the business, I went to this big conference in Keystone, Arizona in 1987 with thousands and thousands of people there. The president of that organization had just been elected and it got me thinking about what […]

Lightbulb Moment (The Business Owners Mindset)

I don’t know about you, but when I come back from my holiday break in January, I’m instantly filled with dread. Countless email threads and stacks of papers pile up on my desk, and once again, I know it’s time to set the company up for success for the new year. Have you ever felt […]

Happy Place

Do you remember the freedom and exhilaration that came with being a teenager? Acing that test, asking someone out to the prom, cheering on your home team at sports events… it’s hard not to forget the rush of joy that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself. As an Indiana University alum, […]

The Entrepreneur’s Team

Many entrepreneurs go into business with the mindset that they can do it all. “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” That just isn’t the case!  Nobody is an expert at all aspects of running their business. For a business to thrive and grow, it takes a team effort!  The best kinds of […]

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